Noilers which popularly known as “native fowl” here in Nigeria,

has over time remained one of the highly sought after chicken meat in the market due to its affordability and meat availability to the final consumers. Here at Smile Planet Farms, we grow them from day-old with all necessary medications, Vaccines and organic feed before offering them as good quality noilers for sales.

Our Noilers average market weight is between 2-3.5kg

This is  achieved because we ensure that feeding them daily with good and nutritional organic feeds.  Some Unique Features of Noiler is bred to survive in free range and on kitchen waste and farm by-products to produce good quality meat and egg, hence dual purpose bird with following;

Characteristics of Our Noilers :

  • – Hardiness
  • – High resistance to common diseases
  • – Heat tolerance
  • – Low input- feed cost, shelter, labour
  • – Tougher meat than broiler
  • – Nutritional security





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