Let your funds work for you

Smile Planet Investment Farming, offers & provides a complete livestock farming solution platform that enables you (investors) to have a secured and sustainable way to create wealth through investing into our livestock farm cycle with good yields as return on investment ( R.O.I).

01Identify your area of interest
Identifying your area of interest in our various investment farming packages is key. Select your interest & we  take over from there.
02Create an account
Your personal account with us which will serve as a medium for communication and transaction platform for both parties
03Connect with an investment Team
An investment account officer will be assigned to you to work & guide you through until when you decide to cash out or Reinvest. 
04Invest in any livestock of your choice
You will need to invest in any package ranging from Broilers, Turkey, Noilers, Layers for poultry or Fishery with 100 as  minimum  investment order per-unit .
05Monitoring & Evaluation
With your investment cycle fully activated all you need to do is to carefully watch your money daily work and grow on your behalf, while you monitor and evaluate the process.
06Get weekly/monthly data progress reports
We will provide you with real-time measurable investment data weekly to enable you have a clear insight of your precious investment with us.
07Get credited with up to 30% total R.O.I + Capital after farming cycle
At the end of your investment cycle depending on the nature and duration of the investment package. Your capital plus Return on Investment (R.O.I) Will be credited to your account.


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